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Fishing in Pantanal

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Fishing period

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In the Pantanal, fishing is only permitted between the months from March to October. Between the months from November to February, fishing is forbidden due to Spawning period when the fish swim up to the headwaters of the rivers, swimming upstream to nesting and perform reproduction. This phenomenon is considered essential for the preservation of piscosidade of our rivers and lakes. The choice of the best period for fishing depends on the volume of water accumulated in the river during the rainy season. In years of high rainfall in the month of March will be easier to catch pacu, painted and cachara. If no major flood occurs, you can catch all the fish in the region starting from the month of March.

Fishing Boats


The boats are equipped with 25hp outboard motor, swivel chairs and cooler box. Courteous and experienced pilots will drive you to the best spots for fishing.

Rules and Regulations

Fish found in the Pantanal region (and its minimum size required by FEMA and IBAMA - STATE LAW 9.893 of 01/03/2013):

Barbados: 60cm
Gold: 65cm (banned in the Paraguay River Basin)
Piavuçu: 35cm
Dog: 80cm
Jau: 90cm
Painted: 90cm
Cachara: 83cm
Porthole shovelnose catfish: 40cm
Piraputanga: 30cm
Curimbatá: 30cm
Pacú: 46cm

Fishing is done only in the morning and afternoon. No night fishing practice. Amateur fishing at any time of year, getting a fishing license is required by IBAMA and SEMA.

STATE LAW NUMBER 9. 893 OF 03/01/13

Professional fisherman is allowed to catch 125 pounds of fish weekly is prohibited catching native fish for ornamental purposes in aquariolifia and live bait during the spawning season.

Bearer of amateur fisherman portfolio was allowed to capture and transport of up to five pounds and a copy of fish.

Prohibited fishing for Gold only in the Paraguay River Basin and Piraíba only in the Amazon Basin, Araguaia / Tocantins.

Establish the maximum and minimum extent of three species of fish (Pintado, Pacu and the Cachara) - only the Paraguay River Basin - is another new law. The Cachara can be captured if the measures between 83cm and 112 cm, the Pacu if you are between 46 cm and 57 cm measures; Pintado can only be caught if you are between 90 and 115 cm cm. To the other species of the limit measure is only minimal.

It was not repealed the prohibition of the use of hook branch. Namely, this practice remains banned in Mato Grosso.

Click the link below to learn more about the rules and regulations for fishing in Mato Grosso.

Failure to comply with these conditions may subject the violator to fines, arrest and prosecution before the federal sphere.

Places to fish

Bay of Sia Mariana, of Chacororé Bay, Bay Poli, Rio Cuiabá, Rio Tarumãt Arrombado Rio, Rio Tucumán, Rio Mutum and streams.

  • Tuvira

Types of baits

Sport fishing in the wetland, is made using the following types of lures: tuvira, Muçum, Camboatá, crab, fasts, and earthworm minhocuçu. Some of these baits have proper periods of use.

Lunar Calendar Year 2014

The phases of the moon are caused by the relative positions of the earth, sun and moon and represent the portion of the illuminated side of the moon that faces the earth.

Pousada do Rio Mutum
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Pousada Rio Mutum

Pousada Rio Mutum - Pantanal Lodge is located in the municipality of Barão de Melgaço, one of the most beautiful regions of the Pantanal of Mato Grosso. In this ecological paradise the visitor will experience full immersion in nature and its wildlife. Hiking trails and horse riding through thick jungle and wetland or navigating through pristine rivers and lakes, we have the opportunity to observe the great biodiversity of the Pantanal, offering unforgettable moments.