Pousada do Rio Mutum
Central de reservas em Cuiabá
Barão de Melgaço, Mato Grosso, Brazil
+55-65-3052-7022 / Emergência: +55-65-99603-3732


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  • Ariranha comendo peixe
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  • Passeio de Barco
  • Arara Canindé
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  • Pôr do Sol Baía de Siá Mariana
  • Passeio a Cavalo
  • Porco Espinho

The cycle of flood and drought affects all life in the Pantanal. In the Pousada Rio Mutum region, due to its topography, a huge biodiversity and different landscapes can be found throughout the year.

The Pantanal is a unique destination and appeals to the discerning traveler .

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Trails surrounding the lodge for observation of flora and fauna ;
Horseback Riding by dense forests, crossing corixos and wetlands;
Canoe trips by wetlands;
Walking or canoeing at dawn to enjoy the sunrise and the awakening of life in the Pantanal ;
Safaris by jeep or boat for observation of nocturnal animals ;

  • Ariranha comendo peixe

Jeep tours and safaris or boat trips with more than 50 km, a total immersion in nature, to observe the local fauna and flora ;
Visit to Cuiabá Mirim, a riverside community located on the banks of the Cuiabá River, where the pantaneiro's culture and customs are presented ;
Motorboat through the bays and streams to observe the flora and fauna that inhabit its banks, stopping to appreciation of the setting sun and enjoying the famous piranha fishing ;
Photographic safari at Rio Mutum , with its rare and unique beauty .